nature tours samara

We offer a variety of exploration tours, with experienced nature guides,
ranging from 1.5 hours to overnight trips.

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nature tours samara
samara nature tours
nature tours costa rica
samara tours
nature tours samara
samara tours
nature tours costa rica
turtle watching near me

3-4 hrs, $55 or $75/p


You will watch the circle of life as sea turtles arrive on the beach to nest their eggs. You will be impressed about the genuineness of nature.

Minimum 4 people

Based on the tide

Season: July - December

birdwatching costa rica samara

4 hrs, $80/person


Costa Rica is home to over 900 species of birds. Let’s discover and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna and the most amazing birds.

Minimum 2 people

Different Locations

Age: 10+

nature hikes samara costa rica

2.5 hrs, $45/person


We will walk and explore nature together, noticing the different animal species of the area with binoculars or a spotting scope.

Minimum 2 people

Start: 6:30 AM

Age: 7+

kayak snorkeling tour costa rica

3 hrs, $50/person


Get ready to paddle out in the ocean to Samara’s beautiful island, Isla Chora. Snorkel in the reef and encounter diverse marine life.

Minimum 2 people

Around Isla Chora

Age: 6+

Why Nature Tours Samara

Authentic nature tours that will make your Sámara Beach vacation in Costa Rica a special one.

Knowledgable & Bilingual Guides

Local guides with 15+ years of experience. Ask as many questions during the tour. Only danger: Their fascination with nature and animals is contagious!

Reforestation Promise

Reforestation and protection of our homeland is not just a saying but an disciplined action. Every tour booked is conected to tree planting. You can even fund a tree.

Variety of Tours for everyone

Nature hikes, water exploration, volcanos, waterfalls, or rainforest. There is something for everyone: Individuals, couples, groups, and families.

Discover more of Sámara

Experienced and billingual guides who take you to hidden spots close to nature and animals.

Nature Tours Samara was founded by Berny Castillo in 2018 out of his fascination to nature and his love for the natural beauty of the land. Berny is a Sámara native and local entrepreneur who turned his passion into his job.

From a short hike to secret spots in the Sámara mountains, to exploring the waters and underwater world by kayak, to full day or even overnight adventures, our nature tours will enrich your Sámara Beach vacation.

nature tours samara berny
Happy Nature Tour Explorers

Customer Reviews

Berny is a top notch guide and his tours will fill you with knowledge and joy! He will impress you with so many facts about the dry forest that you’ve never even thought about. He has a wide span of knowledge and can answer many questions during the tour. He takes you to a very secret/private spot that is lush with greenery and species. It’s almost like Berny has a 6th sense for birds and wildlife.

We spotted 2 Spectacled Owls and one Pygmy Owl that we could see in perfect detail with his scope. Would 10/10 recommend a Nature Walk with Natures Costa Rica! Thanks Berny for a magical day!

Amber Lynae

“Berny is an amazing bilingual guide! He is so personable and does a great job explaining all aspects of the tour. He is very knowledgeable and also makes everyone feel comfortable and ensures that everyone has a great time. My kids loved this tour as did my husband and I!”

Barbara Miller

I highly recommend Barney to help plan and organize your next visit to Costa Rica. He helped us plan an unforgettable magical experience. You will not be disappointed!

Heather Cain

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Explore exotic and beautiful places in Costa Rica with us and make your Sámara Beach vacation unforgettable.